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The Instant Film Photo Booth is a subsidiary of Yeoman Photo, which does a lot of things. You can check out my other work via the links below.

Editorial & documentary photography
The Family Cookbook
Wedding Photojournalism

Hey There

I'm Sarah Arnoff Yeoman, a freelance editorial, wedding and travel photographer, and I am so, so glad Polaroids are making a comeback.

The Instant Film Photo Booth started when I casually brought my Polaroid camera to a few weddings just for fun. But, of course, everybody wanted a shot, so here we are. Originally, our home base was Salt Lake City, but we have since relocated to Portland, Oregon! We still love to visit events in SLC as well as New York, California and anywhere else.

You can check out my wedding work via yeomanphoto.com and editorial work at SarahArnoff.com

Have a question or just want to say hi? Shoot a message to Sarah@YeomanPhoto.com